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Can We Talk? A short story from the Hospital from Ian Watto Watson

Since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer seventeen years ago, I’ve attended various Cancer Clinics for different kinds of treatment. It has been an ongoing battle to try to destroy and remove rogue cells before they can attack a bone or another organ.

The nursing staff and the doctors are all amazing, and you couldn’t work there without a special gift. They speak and work life into you. But I know there are times when they go home at night knowing that they can’t come up with any…


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psalm88 message by Michael Knight

This is a mighty message on PS 88 

by Michael Knight 

mine Champion bloke .

Hope you can enjoy every word ,

love Watto

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Blokes Brekkie worth the effort!

There is a Men’s Breakfast on Sat 28th Sep at Axis church (1 Gardenia Pde, North Lakes) 7:00-9:15am. Ps Mike Smith is helping us to turn brokenness into brilliance. A good taste of what Man Camp will be like. $10. Pay cash or card on the day.
Text ‘Men’s Breakfast’ to 0437629945 to register.

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weekend for blokes worth investing into

Man Camp 2019 is on 25-27 Oct at the Currimundi Camp Site, (1 hour from North Lakes, QLD). A weekend of connecting with other men and with God. From Friday night to Sunday lunchtime. Fabulous guest speakers Ps Mike Smith and Ps Phil Smith. Fully catered, dorm style sleeping. Cost is $175.

Final numbers and payment needed by 3rd Oct.

Text ‘Man Camp’ to 0437629945 to register, or visit


This weekend…


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Following in my foot steps

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A little beauty! Footy and life . Played between your ears

How’s the good , the happy the bad and the sad bit of the journey?

Footy can be like life. I’ve followed Carlton Blues in the AFL all my life.

Brisbane Lions come along so I follow them too.Deep down I still have Blues no 1. It’s been awful following the Blues for the last 10 years or so as we’ve gone from the top to the bottom.

ive been there for the three flags , should have been 4 . 

Leigh Mathews comes as coach, FINISHED THE JOB  and got the result.



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Missionary Update July 2019

Missionary Update July 2019


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  Well it’s been 97 days since the elections here in Thailand and still no government.

  I’m still not sure of what is going to happen here in “The Land of Smiles.” No new news of the health insurance needed for foreigners 50 years…


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Ipswich Men's Shed Night

Come and join our monthly shed night with a BBQ meal and listen to John talk about his passion for Drag Bikes

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Missionary update June 2019.

Missionary Update June 2019


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  There’s always something happening here in Thailand. In the last newsletter my attention was on the banking system here. As it turns out the bank that was responsible for controlling the transfer of funds wasn’t exactly clear with their intent. So I sent a transfer of monies as I normally do to test the transaction. Guess what? It went through.

    The latest scare that had all the foreigners (age 50 and…


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FB_IMG_1558385507824.jpgLandsborough she’d last night with Larki the champion interview ing  Ex Bronco Champion Kerrod Walters 

FB_IMG_1558385507824.jpgLandsborough she’d last night

with Larki the champion interview ing 

Ex Bronco Champion Kerrod Walters 


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Peter’s little shed chat with son Scott

Scott asked me these questions and he videoed me as I answered them.

Thought you…


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This is Peter’s shed story

Peter Jendra’s story

I was saved from a bullet at age 11…


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A Beaut bit of advise for us all

My shed mate Peter sent me this :

Words for Teenagers


A College…


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Missionary Update May 2019


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  Well I have survived another Thai New Year (Songkran is usually a week of celebrations).

  I have survived due to my non-conformist attitude (meaning I hibernate for the duration). Years ago when I thought that a little bit of water couldn’t hurt, but I’m a…


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He is Risen!

"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen!" - Luke 24:5-6

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Missionary Update April 2019

Coughing from Chiang Mai,

  Chiang Mai is rated the 3rd worst city in the world for air pollution. I was raised in Southern California and thought that air…


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Does this fit for your or someone you know?

Just for your info

Paul is our Champion to be with. He's our close younger mate.

Give me a call if you or any of your buddies want to know more

Love Watto 0412 722455

Paul Smith is running free courses in Security and Business.  They are:


* ‪1 April to 3 May – Certificate III in Security Operations. ‬

* ‪13 May to 14 June – Certificate III in Business Administration. ‬

* ‪24 June to 26 July – Certificate III in Security Operations.…


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1/4/19 at Watto ‘s new truck yard! 624 Gympie Rd LAWNTON

Shed happens!

Hi Champions! Come and meet Rugby League legend, Shane Webcke as he catches up for a shed chat at the new truck yard, 624 Gympie Rd, Lawnton on Monday night, 1st APRIL from 5.30pm!!!

In addition, Joe Dunn from‘Psychs on Bikes’ Sydney calls it from the heart. FREE health checks on the night will be available.

Bring your mates to hear the gold and be encouraged in a safe non-judgmental place.

Great BBQ starting ‘earlier’ from 5.30pm. $10 donation if you…


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Peter Lyndon-James - Running for Senate Seat

Hey Shed Happens,

I've only just come across this from last year, but reckon we should get behind Peter Lyndon-James from Shalom house where possible!

Check this out, like & subscribe :D

(Only 2min 40s)

Shalom House:

Bless ya blokes

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Missionary Update March 2019

Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  There’s smog here in Chiang Mai. That’s what I am used to calling it growing up in Southern California. Here it’s called “Air Pollution.” This time of year it is a bit “smoky” and Chiang Mai does sit in a basin. Most of the farmers here burn off their properties to ready for next season’s crop. Also villages burn foliage from the many trees here (my wife and I are included). In the month of March it is against the law and you can be fined. Mixed…


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