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Missionary Update August 2020

Greetings from Chiang Mai,

   Being a smaller country, Thailand has been able to control who comes into their country. Closing the airports dealing with international visitors has probably been the number one reason for a positive control. Allowing international flights will not commence until next month from what I gather. Wearing masks is mandatory going out in public and has been accepted as the normal attire.

  The church that I attend (Trinity Baptist Church of Chiang Mai)…


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Loss of a Shed mate (Mackay)

Shed Happens Mackay is currently mourning the loss of one of our blokes, Lee Ahern, who passed away last Saturday.

Lee was a big man in both stature and heart who had a great sense of humour. Although he suffered terribly with several medical issues, Lee always had a heart for others. He would often ring other men up and pass on his love for their family and encourage them. He was an integral part of Shed, often interjecting during an interview with a poignant humorous…


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Missionary Update May 2020


Greetings from Chiang Mai,


  Looks like we are in the lockdown for another month. It is mandatory that you wear your mask when in public or face a fine. The Thai word for being bored is pronounced “boo ah” or something close to that. Going to the bank or market is the only outing that you are allowed. If you have to pay a bill you go to the nearest 7/11 and there they will scan your bill, you pay the money and get a receipt.

  I’m sure that you understand that…


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Missionary Update April 2020


Greetings from Chiang Mai (cough cough),


This is where a picture is worth a thousand words.


  Wan and I are doing well. The temperature here has been in the100’s everyday along with smog (the likes of Southern California) and then mix in this virus which is affecting the whole world. Never thought I’d see the day that…


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New Website

I'm trialing a new public SHED HAPPENS website... check it out and tell me what you think

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Sorry to report - a SPAMBOT ADUDE FAFA AKUE joined the SHEDNIGHT network and sent a message asking for people to contact him.

If you get an email from AKUE click SPAM &/or DELETE.

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Missionary Update March 2020

Greetings from Chiang Mai (cough cough),


  It’s that season here in Chiang Mai where the air quality has been rated 3rd worst in the world. This year an additive the “Coronavirus” joins in for our environment enjoyment. Since my last newsletter this virus has reached epic conditions around the world. Please pray for the end of this pestilence. Kind of makes you think about the “end times.”

  Last month I mentioned how Trinity Baptist was slowly…


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2020 version of the shed night website


I've been chatting with a few shed-men and we feel that it is time to re-vamp the shed night website. So I'd like to hear your thoughts.

  • what features/pages do you like best on the current website?
  • what features/pages don't you like?
  • what websites and social media do you use regularly?
  • any comments or suggestions about what the new improved shednight website should look like?


Luke Watson

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Missionary Update February 2020

Missionary Update February 2020


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  THE CORONAVIRUS seems to be the center of attention lately and as well it should be. Here in Chiang Mai precautions of limiting your travel and not to frequent heavily populated areas. Wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth is what is needed. Usually every Sunday after church the majority of the congregation goes to a certain hotel that is the best in town and one of the cheapest to eat lunch but this…


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Slaves, or being a son

Don't you realise that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living. Romans 6:16

I usually read a couple of devotions each morning as well as where I am up to in the Bible. Sometimes they seem to reinforce each other as they did this morning. John Eldredge in his devotional 'Restoration Year' spoke about Holiness and how it is the strength of our condition. He used…


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Missionary Update January 2020


Saw Waw Dee Be My (Happy New Year) from Chiang Mai,

  A new year is upon us and goodbye to 2019. A big push here is the removal of plastic bags at the markets is definitely a move in the right direction. Now if they could keep from throwing their trash everywhere would be a big help. So Thailand is on a “clean up the act” (or country) awareness program. I do hope that this might influence their government to do the same this should be on their “to do” list. Prayer seems to be…


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Shed happens

When get together 2020 can we encourage all shed happens to rember ian watto .

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Dear, to my mates friends brother men .iwould like some prayer oct 2018 iwas separated from my wife ihad been care for my kids since then 50/ 50 share until November 25 2019 ilost my kids because my decide to keep them .ihave not seen from them or heard from them .ihave 3 children iam deep sadness why ? Would anyone take man children who loved over 9 years thank you

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A Prayer for Today

Dear Heavenly Father,

Oh, how I praise You my Lord!  

You heal the brokenhearted and You bind up their wounds.

You know the number of the stars and You call them all by name.

Great are You, Lord, and mighty in power.

Your understanding is infinite.

You lift up the humble.

I praise you Lord.

You cover the heavens with clouds and prepare rain for the…


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Missionary Update December 2019


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  Last month’s newsletter I mentioned a brother who had moved on and now is with our Lord and Savior. His surviving wife reported her husbands’ demise just like anyone else would. Without her knowledge the authorities (whom she contacted) immediately “froze’ all assets in her bank account. According to Thai law to remove anything from her account would take a court order and she would have to be representative by a lawyer who in turn deals with the…


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Prayer request for Shed Mackay members son

Hey Champions, I've been asked to put in a post for a prayer request for Gary Walsh's 28yo son Ryan in Brisbane.

After 28 years of suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, he was placed on a trial for a new drug therapy that allowed him to function normally, but the compassionate access to this trial was revoked because his liver is diseased from of all the other drugs he has had to take over the years, & the Dr's are scared this new drug will destroy it completely. He desperately needs Jesus… Continue

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Trouble... and breakdowns of the mechanical variety

'Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you shall honour and glorify Me," says the Lord. so writes the psalmist in Psalms chapter 50, verse 15.

It's harvest time on our broadacre dryland cropping property. We try to make sure that our machinery is serviced and ready for the job at hand, but as they say, it doesn't break down in the shed.

One Thursday afternoon I had just delivered a load of field peas to the silos and as I was pulling into our driveway off of…


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Missionary Update November 2019


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  Well, what was going to happen sooner or later finally happened. Dr. Green has canceled the Sunday morning bible study due to the lack of attendance. I will miss our discussion period because that all that the bible study was. So, I will use the extra hour to review Friday’s bible study that I attend with my friend Mike Potter as we study the book of Acts by Chuck Missler.

  Last newsletter I mentioned the passing of Gordon Downs. Brother…


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Ipswich Shed Night

Our guest speaker for 24 October 19 Ipswich Men's shed is Anthony Smith.

Please bring a mate or two, for a night of sharing and caring with fellow champions.

"Our Shed" Bethany school grounds, 126 Cascade St. Raceview.…


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Learning to play conversation tennis (by Ian Watto Watson)

Learning to play conversation tennis

Our defences of silence or anger come out when we don’t feel safe. What’s the solution? Can we talk?

If you’ve played tennis, you know what it means to have a good rally back and forwards over the net. Rallies work best when both players keep returning the ball over the net and keep the play going. We get in some nice little shots, a few relaxed backhands, a few overheads, and a few lobs, and we never try to put the other player off.… Continue

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