SHEDNIGHT // SHEDHAPPENS... for Real Men... champion sons of the KING OF KINGS!

SHED NIGHT // SHED HAPPENS is for MEN to support one another. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”. Proverbs 27:17


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"CHAMPIONS can give it and receieve it"


Most times our gift seems so insignificant that it seems it's not worth it.

God knows though,and He has a purpose for every gift.

Giving is a Spiritual Gift......not just Money!

God gave us Jesus,

How much of us do we Give to HIM.

Give when it Hurts

The generous soul will be made Rich,and he who waters

will also be watered himself prov 11:25

Enjoy Giving from your grateful…


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Allan is a Champion and he passed this onto to me at my TRUCK YARD:

7 Reflections on the last words of Jesus on the Cross

1 Forgive others

2 Heaven is Real

3 Care for your parents

4 Express your heart to God

5 Be thirsty for the living Water

6 Don't give up .Finish it!

7 Place your Life in God's Hands.

This has been great for me .Hope you enjoy this also .GBU Watto

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Hey fellas,

Margaret pulled this out for me the other day.

I'm sure taking it in .

Thought others may like copy.…


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PEEBO &DAGWOOD the Clowns represent Many Today!


Peebo and Dagwood the amazing Clowns ,and shed happens Blokes meet QLD Health Minister today at 11am.

Their medical condition of Cystic F  has led them to have had double Lung Transplants .

They require on going special needs medical care in Brisbane just like MANY others.

Today will be a Plea on behalf of the MANY,to the Health Minister for "Life",because if it the help

doesn't continue many will be in Big Trouble.

Can we pray…


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ABC shed happens 612 AM saturday 5:30 am

Shed happens in the morning at 5:30am in a great fun way.

IN the Cabin of my Truck ......MAN

Phil Smith had a day off and his other ABC shed mate Peter Scott came up with the idea to do shed inside my Truck Cabin.

What fun! three boys in a truck.

I picked Peter and Michael Knight up outside the ABC Southbank and away we went over the STORY BRIDGE down along the Brisbane River and up over the GATEWAY BRIDGE and back along the River again past THE GABBA and then…


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ASHMORE SHED HAPPENS at 513 Olsen Av Ashmore tuesday 25th Feb 6:30pm

Lincoln and his team of Blokes are making shed happen in the STEEL SHED.

I have been invited to have a catch up chat about sheds around our Country and have other Champions chat on some Real deal issues of manhood.

I'll pick up a few champions along the way and have a good road trip with shed chats all the way.

Hope to catch up with many champions from down the GOLD COAST

have a great weekend.Gbu Watto

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GYMPIE SHED saturday night 22Feb 6;30pm

John Anderson,Wayne Neibling and young Sam are doing the road trip with me to Gympie tomorrow night.

1021 Bruce Highway just on the south side of Gympie .

in John Edward"s Truck Yard.

shed has been happening in Gympie for the past 7 years.

Hope there are a few champions reading this who may be able to make the road trip to join the local champions.

see ya there,Watto

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Rochedale,Beenleigh and Murrumba Downs will be at the first shed happens

at 15 GRACE St Cranbourne  tomorrow night.

Bart Stingell and his champion team of blokes are up and running.

Hope to see many more VIC Champions making the road trip to Cranbourne

to make "shed happen"

How good is That!!!

Bless ya Heaps Watto

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Grateful for another Birthday

When I was a little boy I was so excited about my birthday that I would tell everybody, and I would have a day off school. Well I still love my birthdays, but I won't be having a day off tomorrow because Shed Happens at Murrumba Downs. I'll be having a chat with my Sleep Specialist at the Shed - Dr. James Douglas. He's been looking after me for the last 10 years ensuring that I have the best quality sleep possible. I hope that every bloke will get some 'gold' in hearing about the importance…


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The real-deal dream

Hi Fellow Champions,

We've been conditioned to live life in our heads, and think things must all add up logically and come to a sensible conclusion. But dreams don't come from the head. They come from the heart.

When you are courageous to go deep, deep into your heart, and let the dreams in your heart come out, your head and your heart combine into a freshness, a newness, and excitement. Then dreams can happen.

To unearth the dreams within you, you might have to dare to…


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FATHERS DAY sunday 1st September

Happy Fathers Day!

Hope it is. Like most fathers, I just like to spend a little special time with my family.

Maybe a meal together or a cuppa.

I also hope they are all going well, that's a good enough gift for me.

Finding ways how I can help them every day - that'll do me.

How about you?

My son Luke lives in Cambodia he may not be aware that it is Fathers Day in Australia. That's ok.  I won't spit it if he doesn't call.

Some of you Champions…


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Book Signing at Koorong WEST RYDE

Hi fellas,

If any of you Sydney Champions are cruising past KOORONG BOOKSTORE 28 West Parade West Ryde

tomorrow Saturday 31st August ,i'd love to catch up.

I'll be in the store signing my book and chatting shed between10.30am and 3pm.

Have a great Friday and keep livin the DREAM

keep around the DREAM MAKERS.GBU Watto

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No such thing as a fluke or good luck

I went to the Bribie Shed last night. I picked up Gary and Allan and had a great shed chat for the 50 minute drive there. I walked into the Footy Clubhouse filled with 60 other champions - an atmosphere of blokie joyful noise. It felt good.

Noel and Aaron were about to blast off with the first chat when I looked over and saw my step-brother there. Wow, how did he come to be here? He lives at Glasshouse Mountains, has never been to a shed night and came along on his own. Grant and I…


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I was having a good catch up chat about shed happening in EMERALD with Geoff Radke. 

What a Champion he is.

Shed is still going gang busters at EMERALD.

Then he said to me,"How's ya Really Bin?"

I thought he said.

"How's your wheelie bin?"



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DANIEL RICH BRISBANE LIONS YOUNG CHAMPION at Murrumba Downs shed monday night

The Fires will be Burning on Monday Night at Watto's truck Yard,

Just letting you know that DANIEL RICH,Brisbane Lions young Gun will be one of our Champions having a chat up front.

If you like AFL ,great opportunity to meet him.

Don't forget that it's school holidays for some boys so shed can happens for them also.

Shed is a great place of ENCOURAGEMENT AND CONNECTION for ALL Blokes.

It's great to hear Real issues of Life being shared without…


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WATTOS off to THAILAND for some fun with "the Cambodian Wattos"

Looking forward to jumping on the plane to CHIANG MAI ,Thailand tomorrow.
Matilda celebrates her first birthday with Nanny and Pop.

Also looking forward to sitting with our son LUKE next friday watching the BLUES belt the HAWKS

looking forward to some dinky di Thai cooking by my daughter in law PUI.

How the year has flown,

Wow ,i'm going to just hang out for the next twelve days and take it easy.

I'm sure God will teach me lots more things.GBU Watto

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What an amazing long weekend !

men courageously stepping up to the Plate for FREEDOM.

Encouraging one another into a new Heart for champion living

as sons of the KING

The singing was just something special.

What an honour to again meet mighty men from all around this great country.

Many men now able to sleep in peace for many more hours than ever before

because of healing fromGUILT and SHAME

A spiritual healing accepting what Jesus died…


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Is there another 'love' in your life?


We've all been made well aware of the Proverbs 7 'girl' with her seductive words.

The one woman we want to love and who loves us can't/won't hold on forever to get our repentant hearts back.

I'm talking about our other 'affair' that robs marriages, families and relationships. These 'affairs' can have many names such as MY JOB, MY CAREER, MY BUSINESS, MY IDENTITY, MY TITLE, MY MINISTRY, MY MUSIC, MY FOOTY, MY CAR, MY SHED................ Get it?

Come on,…


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4WDing High Country - "Man from Snowy River"

This weekend John Anderson and I are heading off to the High (Man from Snowy River) Country for the Melbourne Life Ministry Centre's 4WD Men's Camp with 95 blokes.

Even though we'll have a campfire I'll be taking all my Winter woollies with me.

Graham Nelson is the champion behind this weekend.

Another opportunity to encourage blokes in their journey into real deal living doing a bit of Shed and knowing more that we're champion sons of the…


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Make a Contact and make a Difference

Hi All Champions,

Thanks for being part of my" shed" and this website.

I hope that in any part of your day - Good, Bad, Happy or Sad -  you know

that you will have my, or someone else's SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT.

Think about it!

Pass your SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT onto someone in your "shed'

and Keep it Going.

It's all about dinki di connection.gbu Watto

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