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SHED NIGHT // SHED HAPPENS is for MEN to support one another. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”. Proverbs 27:17


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This morning I was privileged to watch one of our shed men fight for the world heavy weight boxing title. I have had the privilege to meet Alex on two occasions, first a few years ago a man hurting from paying a price for actions done out of the heat of a moment then recently in preparation for the fight of his life. I was touched by the way Alex spoke of his faith in God that gives him life and breath.…


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Shed Sheila Breakfast

Shed Sheila Breakfast


Most of what we do in life has a lot to do with relationships, and if you are like me there are a few things in life that have put rocks in my way to great relationships. I had the opportunity some time ago to attend a LOVERS night hosted by a local Church and found some gems that have smashed some of the rocks in my relationships, this got me thinking. Relationships, like bridges are built from both sides, and most blokes want better relationships and…


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For Dads and Granddads

For all the Dads and Granddads.

Fear does some damage deep within us. Can we feel so comfortable in fear that we lose sight of the light? Something on my mind recently “we know what we know, do we want to know what we don’t know?” may be this is why when we see the light and feel it warmth & know the power and strength it gives we never want to go back into fear. What will it take to move us from fear to bask in the sunshine?

Something amazing, my wife and I have a great…


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So many of us at times may wish we had the opportunities that we see others have and fail to make something of and wonder why we did not have it. We may even get dirty on God for the lack of good things that we miss out on and others seem to get. ( If only they would change)

Could it be possible we have to learn a new way of looking at life.

I have learnt some things in recent years that were thrust into my path my normal blokes that have…


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Brisbane Lord Mayor Christmas Carrols

What a privilege it has been to be asked to work alongside some great men and women to build the stage for the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Christmas…


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Beenleigh Shed

It has taken me some time to process Monday nights shed experience and gather my thoughts, I hope this reflects the events and gives God the Praise and Glory.

Over 100 blokes rocked up to the Inner Circle Rum Distillery to have a great feed ( a great venue), the steak was not too shabby,  and hear the stories of 3 champion men with somewhat differing stories yet the thread of relationships with their Dads was clear.  Fatherlessness will leave children venerable to look for fulfilment…


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Beenleigh Shed

Not sure if I have ever posted prior to our Shed before, mostly after the event. However this being the last for us this year and with the events this past week as things take shape I thought it timely to share some things.

I imagine our team, as well as all blokes can get distracted if we don’t keep up our guard. This past few days has revealed the war that takes place as we step up for the Kingdom of God. Some of you may know what I mean.

Relationships have been tested, egos…


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Words we use

I have had a great night out with friends to night when I was challenged to explain the meaning of a word we use often in Church circles and now believe is misunderstood by many, in the Church as well as those seeking to know God. We use it in some interesting sentences and even make excuses for our behaviour using it.

The word is GRACE. We did a quick survey asking those around us what they understood by GRACE. So my challenge to you if you will accept is, what do you understand by…


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A Great story

 Law of the Garbage Truck


 One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were

 driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a

 parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his

 brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of

 the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi

 driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really

 friendly. So I…


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Shed Happens Beenleigh

Around 80 men and younger men came to hear the stories of 2 great blokes and learn to connect with each other on Monday at Darts switch board workshop. It was great to see men doing there bit to add to the success of the night building a team to the benefit of others. Seems that it is much easier to talk with other blokes when we are involved, and have a job to do at shed, getting involved instead of being a spectator, watching from the side line. The interviews were good and the two men…


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Breakfast with our Women, Shed Sheila breakfast

I had opportunity to take my wonderful wife to the Shed Sheila breakfast at Murrumba Downs on Saturday morning, I must admit she was not all that impressed with the early start on the one morning she likes to have a sleep in but she was right with me all the way. What a great way for us to honour our wives and for a time to meet the women and families behind the blokes we see regularly at Shed. It was also a time for some of our women to share what Shed has done in their relationships with…


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Ipswich Shed

Ipswich Shed

I had the opportunity to attend the Ipswich shed this week for the first time, what a great bunch of blokes of all ages that made us feel very welcome. Every bloke has a story and thanks to the man that shared his story with us on the night. He talked about the unexpected things of his life and what he saw happening on his journey. He talked from the heart of the struggles and joys he had experienced and shared the difference in his life as he is seeking a closer…


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My Mate Kimball

I just want to say a big thank you for the opportunity to go to the Better Blokes camp this year. The past few weeks had been tough for me as my Mum had just passed away, I had been her career for many years and I miss her so very much. Having some great mates helping me and encouraging me has been great in helping me with this sad time.

During the camp I was able to meet more great Blokes that have helped me more to stand up and be a man, and not the mouse that I have been for so…


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Albert & Logan Shed


After some heavy rain in the afternoon Shed at Albert & Logan was well attended, it was great to see many new faces. As normal the blokes getting the food and desert ready did a great job. We were fortunate to be in a very large farm shed out of the rain and cold thanks to the Current family. 4 Blokes told their stories each with a little gem for the blokes listening. God has a way of…


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Tough choices

I have just read Darryl's blog on a real tough issue with money and small business. I would agree that this year has been my toughest as a small business to. In the past I have often wondered how families could get so far behind paying the bills and what it is like to live from week to week. Well I don’t have to wonder any more. The stress that comes with financial problems is more real to me than ever, but the good news is that God does His best work when we no longer have the answers. Like…


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Wow, investing time into others, brings about great oppertunities for personial growth.

Some blokes from Sheds arround Brisbane took up the oppertunity worship together and share a meal together with wives and families today to connect beyond what we blokes would normally do at Shed. It was good for each of us blokes to meet those special people in the lives of our Shed blokes. We have talked about getting together for some time, and it took a couple from the West to come over for a…


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I want to thank all you great blokes for the encouragement since my blog on Sat night! Prayers were sent from many to our mighty King giving me the strength I needed to seek direction through the word in the Bible and recall some great promises He has made for each of us. When we pray for each other we don’t need to know details of a situation to hold them up to our King just seek Gods love…


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I sit here tonight at my computer feeling in pain, I have found relationships hard work like many other men I expect. In a last dich effort to gain some sence of hope I loged on to the Shed site to here what other men are facing in life and seeking some glimmer of encouragment. For me God is my all in all however it is hard at times to feel like a Champian when all you feel is pain. To here some of the stories and know that God has a plan for every man and Women and family seems like it was…


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like meny blokes accross this great country, I had been watching the flood reports on the tv as you would watch a movie series. The reality for me was I live close to some of the flooded areas and am fimilar with the land scape to know how bad it was getting. like many other blokes I felt helpless and wanted to do something to help in a practical way. Wanting to do the right thing I regestered as a Volunteer on the web to see where best to help. No responce till a mate of mine found one of…


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I have had some Men call re transport to the big shed on the 30th from the south side, Logan Beenleigh area. If any of you are interested in a lift or know some one that has a bus incase we need one please let me know so arrangments can be made. We dont want anyone to miss out, this day will be all God needs it to be.

Wayne Albert & Logan Shed

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