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Absolute GOLD!!

Ey champions

You may be thinking my title is a bit overboard, but go to the link below & see if I'm wrong.

It's a video, which is good news for those of us who loathe reading, & it's theme is about a mother's love. However, just as applicable to men.

It is COMPULSIVE VIEWING for you AND your whole family. Again, see if I'm wrong ;-)…


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H.U.G. - Stuff The Hand Shake

Hey Champions,

I'll never forget Laurie Lawrence saying to a reporter, "Stuff the silver!! We're goin' fa GOLD!!" during Duncan Armstrong's gold medal race at the Olympics.

I reckon our motto for Shed should be -




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Your Memory - The Enemy's Grease Trap

Ey Champions

I was driving home from church today trying to soak up the pastor's message, feeling good & positive when, suddenly, a random thought triggered a negative memory & I could sense my peace of mind beginning to fade. I quickly realised (this time at least) that I was being set up for an ambush from the enemy; the one who seeks to steal, kill & destroy. [John 10:10] Not on my watch, Satan, not on your Nelly!

My strategy - ".... So humble yourselves before…


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Standing Firm

G'dayyyyyyyyyyyyy Champions

Phwar! I've been a bit of a stranger to the website & even more so entering a post or 2. Hope this one…


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You're a beautiful man

Ey champions,

How does that title roll off your tongue?

Are u struck with fear of homophobia if u ever heard or said that?

On a lighter note, have u ever heard, "You're a good man"?

Go back even further, have u ever heard,"You're a good boy"?

Well, until I met Christ,I'd never heard the last 2,but I look forward to the time when I hear "I'm a beautiful man."

How is that goin to happen?

By startin to say it to my closest friends/brothers.

If there's one… Continue

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The Blind Pimple

My mind is like a blind pimple, u can't see it on my skin,

But for me it's so annoying as it festers deep within.

No matter how much I salve it or squeeze it times untold,

I know there's something in there but I can't release its hold.

It can disturb me as I slumber or confront me in the morning,

Like a thief in the night it always strikes, often without warning.

I manage to mask it with my "makeup" & my work throughout the day,

But when I'm home alone,… Continue

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Kids - Love 'Em :-)

Hey Champions

It's my birthday - WOOHOO!! Rather than expect a gift, I've attached a little video (only 45 secs) as my gift to you. It's one of my favourite type of gifts - LAUGHTER!!

ENJOY ;-)…


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EY Champions

Hope your New Year is starting to get into "top gear".

Some time ago, I was just chilling when my gaze was drawn to the scars on my left leg; it's the one that always seems to cop it. There was one from a barb wire fence, another from a chainsaw, & more from the surgeon's knife. As I looked at each scar, I could vividly recall each incident & the associated pain but, of course, I couldn't actually FEEL…


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True Love

Ey Champions

Whether you are married or not, you HAVE TO WATCH this short movie that says it all; on more than one level.

(Just copy & paste in your browser)…


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Hey Champions

A quick little movie for you that's pretty well on the mark.

However, I prefer to disagree with the comment about the chocolate milk. I reckon it's the "Living Water" that fills more than just a pickle jar; it fulfills your life.

See what you think.

God bless n luv ya guts

Big AL…


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Ey Champions

Got a little movie for ya that reinforces a BIG part of Shed, I reckon, & shows the power of connection.

You don't have to do extraordinary things to make a difference, you just have to do the "ordinary" (simple) things, that we often overlook or minimise their importance, but can make a HUGE difference; you just might not know about it straight away.

God bless…


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A Labour of Love

Hey Champions

I was watching a TV show called "Rick's Restorations" (I think that's the name); one of those American reality shows. It's about people bringing all manner of things to Rick to be restored. Typically the things are usually of sentimental value, very old, dilapidated, or even in pieces.

The particular night I stumbled across the show, Rick was asked to restore a mini tractor. It was the owner's deceased Dad's tractor which, when he was a boy, he'd rode perched on…


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You're a Good Boy

Ey Champions ;-)

Question(s) for ya, did you ever hear those 4 little, powerful words when you were a boy? Have you said those 4 little, powerful words to your son or other boy? Would you be offended now if an older, significant male said those words to you?

I certainly didn't hear them from any significant male in my childhood & the yearning to hear them has never gone away. But, this year, at the age of 54, I heard them for the first time & from a completely…


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How Do You Listen??

Ey champions

Stumbled on some old seminar notes recently about listening. Did you know that we operate in one of three ways when we listen?

The first two types are the most common forms of listening.

You are either agreeing with what you are hearing OR disagreeing. Naturally, the majority of us seek out people who will agree with what we're saying.

The third & less common form is "being with" listening. It's where judgment, approval or condemnation are put…


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Murrumba Downs Shed - Aug 5

G'day Champions

Last Monday's meeting was a corker; we were truly blessed. We had a perfect winter's night under the stars, fresh but not too cold, & I reckon there must have been some iron bark on the fires. the aroma of eucalypt burning & "barby's" cooking created the perfect setting. I didn't feel like I was in suburbia, but out on the river bank; it was tops.

To complement the perfect setting, we had three great interviews & it's gonna be a challenge for…


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Murrumba Shed July 1 (part 3)

G'day Champions

TA DA! Finally, the 3rd & final interview report.

We were blessed, especially the young AFL players in attendance, to have Daniel Rich interviewed by Watto. Daniel is a rising star for the Brisbane Lions. He's currently the vice-captain & the ambassador for the Aspley Hornets AFL club. Watto asked Daniel how it felt to be an ambassador for a club & have his face used in conspicuous advertising such as on a number of buses in the northern suburbs.…


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Murrumba Shed - July 1 (part2)

G'day Champions

This is my 2nd crack at this. The last time I got halfway thru only for the computer to shut down unexpectedly & lose the lot; I was not a happy camper.

Second interview was J.A. (John Anderson) interviewing the other J.A. (John Ahern)

John had a great father who took him fishing, hunting, camping & other dad/son pursuits. However, John observed that his dad worked very hard & had no friends.

John was very involved with church in his…


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Murrumba Shed - July 1 (Part 1)

Hey champions,

Computer access still an issue for me, hence the delay in posting.

We were forced indoors due to persistent rain but, in spite of that, there was an impressive turn out, especially the number of "young bloods" - great to see.

Paul Smith conducted our first interview with Steve.

Steve was adopted & lived in Sydney during his early childhood. His Dad worked in real estate, often 7 days a week, & was an absent dad. His Mum "compensated" by…


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"Absent" Movie

Ey Champions

On Tues night I was privileged to watch the movie "Absent."

Gotta say, if fatherlessness/absent fathers was a disease, it is in pandemic proportions, in other words - a plague; especially the western world. Yet flamin' Bird Flu can create more panic & hysteria.

Fellas, I'll say no more, just GET & SEE IT if you have the opportunity. You need to be informed; the statistics alone are simply staggering.

Short n sweet this time :-)



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Part 3 Murrumba Shed June 03

Back again :-)

Our 3rd interview was with JA & Peter.

Born in Bundaberg, Peter's dad died when he was 4. His older brother was 16 at the time & struggled with his death & the reponsibility he now felt as the oldest male in the household. Many times Peter felt he was his older brother's punching bag. His brother followed in his father's footsteps becoming a fettler on the railway - he worked hard & drank hard to mask his pain. He attempted suicide 5 times &…


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