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Loss of a Shed mate (Mackay)

Shed Happens Mackay is currently mourning the loss of one of our blokes, Lee Ahern, who passed away last Saturday.

Lee was a big man in both stature and heart who had a great sense of humour. Although he suffered terribly with several medical issues, Lee always had a heart for others. He would often ring other men up and pass on his love for their family and encourage them. He was an integral part of Shed, often interjecting during an interview with a poignant humorous…


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A Prayer for Today

Dear Heavenly Father,

Oh, how I praise You my Lord!  

You heal the brokenhearted and You bind up their wounds.

You know the number of the stars and You call them all by name.

Great are You, Lord, and mighty in power.

Your understanding is infinite.

You lift up the humble.

I praise you Lord.

You cover the heavens with clouds and prepare rain for the…


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Prayer request for Shed Mackay members son

Hey Champions, I've been asked to put in a post for a prayer request for Gary Walsh's 28yo son Ryan in Brisbane.

After 28 years of suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, he was placed on a trial for a new drug therapy that allowed him to function normally, but the compassionate access to this trial was revoked because his liver is diseased from of all the other drugs he has had to take over the years, & the Dr's are scared this new drug will destroy it completely. He desperately needs Jesus… Continue

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Following in my foot steps

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He is Risen!

"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen!" - Luke 24:5-6

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Peter Lyndon-James - Running for Senate Seat

Hey Shed Happens,

I've only just come across this from last year, but reckon we should get behind Peter Lyndon-James from Shalom house where possible!

Check this out, like & subscribe :D

(Only 2min 40s)

Shalom House:

Bless ya blokes

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The Path of Brokenness

Hey Champions, as with most of my blogs my daily seeking has led me to the following devotional from In Touch Ministries & I thought to share;

The Path of Brokenness

John 12:23-28

A seed that is not planted will never produce a crop. So Jesus used a…


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Where are my footprints leading?

One for the Champion father's out there!

As I'm not too skilled in wordiness but have a hunger to seek out God's goodness wherever He's planted it, I came across the following part of a sermon by Ps. Jentezen Franklin, & thought to transcribe & paraphrase a bit of it here;

Where are my footprints leading?

There’s a story told of a famous attorney from Chicago who had an alcohol problem. He was very successful & every day he would walk…


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Champions Know How to Repent

G'day Champions, I had a recent series of devotionals come through from Dr Michael Youssef (Ph.D.), Leading the Way Ministries, & I thought to share this one, as a real bloke should know when he's done wrong, how to say sorry to whoever needed & seek for forgiveness with all humility.

With that being said, we all need to get a good understanding of how we've wronged the Big Fella upstairs in our ways & do a serious heart check in our attitudes towards Him in all we…


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Visionathon: 14th-17th November 2017

Taken from Vision website: Visionathon

Your donation is important

Through it, you are Connecting Faith to Life by bringing faith, hope and the Gospel to thousands of people through trusted Christian media.

Vision is a non-profit charity, and very much a team effort – as this chart…


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Champions Pray in the Dark

Hey Champions, here's another word from Michael Youssef I thought to share;

August 21, 2017


Champions Pray in the Dark


The true test of our character is not measured by the actions we take and the attitudes we present when we are on stage with the spotlight shining on us.…


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Champion's head to the Work Manual!

G'day champions, I've been receiving some devotional's from Dr Michael Youseff from Leading the Way ministries for some time now, & of late he's been right on song talking about us as the champions we are :D

So what I'm going to do is give youse all a heads up here on what he's been talking of in his short daily devotionals over the last few days, I'll re-comment for each one & feel free to comment yourself should you…


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Visionathon: 30th May - 2nd June / Support Vision Radio

Taken from Vision website: Visionathon

For some time, Australia (and the West in general) has been drifting from its Christian moorings.

Until recently Australia could have been described as a Christian country — our laws affirmed a Biblical worldview and actively…


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Global Outreach Day - May 27th 2017

I don't know if anyone else is involved with this, but it's worthwhile getting it out where possible :)

Have a gander, tell ya mates @ Shed too! It only takes a minute!

Global Outreach Day - May 27th, 2017

This reminds me of a bit…


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