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Proverbs 13.20

Got This On my app This Morning. Proverbs 13:20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Get good blokes around you, and grow and learn together. Good lesson. But we may need to be that wise man for someone who is deep in it. We can be the one who helps turn it around for a man in need. Plenty in this verse. Have a ripper day

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Luke 5:17b And the power of the Lord was present for him to heal the sick.

Hey men, one more indicator that Jesus was human. He didn't just walk about healing everyone he came into contact with. He had to be right with the Lord before the power of the Almighty was manifest in him. How did that come about? Go back a verse to v16: But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

When he got close to the father, when he got intentional about his relationship with the Creator, then the Spirit came upon him and he could heal with .words(v20-24).

How are you… Continue

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I started a new job in a mine site awhile ago, and feel like a bit of a stranger in the crew at the moment. The newby. Tonight I was reading  1Peter1:17b  live your life as strangers here in reverent fear. We are strangers in this world. We know it's not our home, but I'm not doing the reverent fear bit very well. In fact I find myself trying hard to fit into their world to gain acceptance. But that won't work, because it makes me a fraud, and they will see through that pretty quickly. But…


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MMC@ Halbury

Don't know where Halbury is? Thats alright. Neither did I til this w/e when 250 odd blokes of all shapes and sizes turned up there to swag it for the w/e and share in some stories from the heart, and some brilliant life lessons from ordinary blokes. Some local girls spoilt us with top tucker, and we didn't even have to wash! It doesn't get too much better I can tell you, than when men set aside time to share, grow, and heal each other. I just want to encourage all those blokes who got a massive… Continue

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Just wanted to share a verse with you guys.

Jeremiah 23:29

29 “Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?


The word will light up the Holy Spirits fire in our hearts, and it will be like a hammer to smash those rocks that we let build up when we start to believe the lies, lies that tell us we are not good enough or worthy, or…


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He's Got Your Back

The Portland boys were on the way home from Better Blokes when Bowser gave them a call to let them know that one guy had been detoured at Melbourne because of a cancelled flight. The blokes boss organised a lift for him with a truckie to Condobolin. Turns out that the truckie was in a world of pain in his life, and our man stepped into the gap for him. We were able to spend time in prayer for both of them. God dropped a bloke into the situation, and he was able to rise up and be counted, and… Continue

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Mount Gambier Shed goes bush

Last weekend nine blokes committed to braving the cold wet winter that is upon us, and gathered in the middle of a huge stringybark bush scrub block belonging to Chris Biar, one of our local Champions, to get a bit closer to one another and GOD.

We were blessed that the rain stayed away til we were all home again next day, and we were warmed by a man size campfire. A couple of roasts and some campoven vegies took care of our hunger, and we shared some soulfood after dark.



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Corinda Downs Clay Shoot

On a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, a dozen or so Mount Gambier blokes met at Corinda Downs to relax in the hayshed while we let loose with our shotguns at a heap of clays. While most of them made good their escape, it didn't seem to matter too much. Indeed, it gave a good excuse for some good natured ribbing, and a lot of laughter. As is the shedmen custom, we adjourned to the BBQ at sunset, and told each other what great shots we were. The talk got on to how we greet someone we have just…


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I was reading Revelation the other day in my time with GOD, and some words whacked me hard from chapter 12v:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;  You want…

I was reading Revelation the other day in my time with GOD, and some words whacked me hard from chapter 12v:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;

 You want to know how important a bloke's testimony or his story is? This verse puts it alongside the blood of the Lamb, Christ…


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Shed Revisited in the Mount

Half a dozen blokes met together in Mack Ferguson's shed in the first week of September to reinvent the shed. Previously shed had been more about a theme, or the blokes shed or interest, than about any purpose driven ministry. GOD has more in store for us than that! We need to provide a place and an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can change and heal the hearts of men. We all know mates who live in the shade, and there is not one of us who isn't in need of some heart repair,…


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Shed Happens in the Western Division

On the 20th of August 3 ute loads of blokes rolled into Glendara Station about 100 cliks NE of White Cliffs. Now there's not a lot of blokes out there, but we met and shared with some rippa's! Bowser and I met a brother named Phil at Mighty Mens in Perth back in February, and we headed up to catch up again, and to encourage him in his walk. A great weekend of fellowship, and being real was had by all of us, as we sat around the fire bucket in the Glendara woolshed. Shed can happen anywhere, and… Continue

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