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Ey Champions

I've felt for some time in my spirit that the "connectedness" provided by today's technology is a sham & a counterfeit of true connection.

The information below is from today's Olive Tree Media's Daily Nudge

Gen Y Lonely
                                            Gen Y, the young adults of today seem to be the most connected of any age group in our community. Through their addiction to social media and online relationships, it seems that they should never feel alone. Yet according to the Relationships Indicator Survey 2011, thirty percent of Australians, aged 25 to 34, told the survey they were frequently lonely - far more than any other age group. The second most lonely were the young adults, aged 18-25. Nineteen percent of them were frequently lonely. So why would this be the case?
Melbourne University philosopher, Damon Young says Generation Y is lonelier because people don't know how to be alone. Young reflects on the results, saying "people who are constantly connected electronically find being alone very difficult."
All this reminds us that we were created for relationships. It is recorded in Genesis that God recognised that loneliness was not good for Adam, and thousands of years and generations later, nothing has changed.

As you can see, it's not my imagination, we are being CONNED into CONVENIENCE & it is not only in communication, in my opinion.

Bless ya


Big AL

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Comment by Darryl Redden on January 29, 2012 at 16:43

Good one Big Al. And a timely reminder to get on the phone or in someone's face for a chat, a little bit of RUOK and throw in a hug for good measure. Keep on pushing, Darryl

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