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May 6 -Murrumba Downs Shed Night Report

Hey Champions

Sorry I'm a bit slow out of the blocks to get this out; no home computer :-[

We were at Watto's yard for Shed this month, with the fires burning around the yard & in our hearts.

Wayne conducted the 1st interview with Tim; a former SAS soldier who toured in Afghanistan & is now a personal trainer.

In adult life Tim realised he was dyslexic, which accounted for an unhappy childhood at school where he was branded as stupid & left school feeling like a total failure. However, there was something that Tim was good at - fighting. A lot of that was with his brother who once "nailed him" with a speargun spear. Both of the boys were champion boxers & it was this arena where Tim felt good about himself.

Tim also had acne as a teen which also compounded his self esteem issues & confidence with interactions with girls. When he out grew the acne stage of life, his relationships with girls were short; he had the attitude of have "fun" & move on. Although he was a pastor's son, he wasn't seeing fruits from his Christian walk. At 25, it was a turning point in his life & he began to change his approach to life.

While in Afghanistan, Tim realised to lift others in his team, he had to lift himself & get his own life in balance.

Tim's "Nugget of Gold" - When you think low of yourself, you attract the same people into your life.

2nd interview was with JA & James - our 17 year old sound tech.

Straight up JA asked James what was the hardest thing he has had to do in his life. I don't know about the other fellas that night, but I wasn't prepared for his answer - burying his Dad three days before Christmas last year; his Dad (an alcoholic) was only 46.

James shared his very unhappy childhood as a result of an alcoholic father & an intellectually immature mother. Virtually from the day he was born, he felt rejected. As an example, James' birth occurred within a few days of his mother's & father's birthday & their anniversary. For 3 days after his birth, he was only held & nurtured by nurses; his mother & father were out celebrating. (I was gob smacked.) Things didn't get any better as the years went on. He recounted the many times he would be literally standing between his fighting parents, defending his mother from his drunken father.

His aunty, who lives in Qld, has become his & his siblings mother. He has absolutely no fond memories of his life in NSW, just with his Qld aunty.

James's "Nugget of Gold" - Although his father never said he loved him when he was sober, only when he was drunk, it was better than never hearing it at all.

Final interview was Lahrs & Paul, a visitor from Condoblin, NSW, here to do his B-double licence with Watto's school. Paul is also involved with Better Blokes.

Paul shared how he became interested in farming, melons in particular. He was successful & came to own several farms in NSW, another in Qld (I think) & the Territory.

His world was shattered on a routine visit to the bank about the business's finances. The bank needed to revalue his farms as a part of the process. Nothing could have prepared Paul for that result. The bank valued his farms at less than half his former valuation, he had no equity and, OVERNIGHT, Paul's farms were in the hands of receivers & he had to stand down 150 workers.

Paul's "Nugget of Gold" - The day after he stood down all his employees, three staff turned up to keep working for him.

PS: The bank let Paul keep his farm in the middle of the Territory & he's about to start afresh up there &, would you believe it, those three fellas are going with him. What a testament of the respect they have for Paul.

PPS: 450 people live in the nearest town, mostly Aboriginal, & recently there were 85 baptisms. God is moving in the bush!! ;-)

Well fellas, hope I've done these interviews justice. Till next time,

God bless n luv ya guts ey ;-)

Big AL

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Comment by John 'JA' Ahern on May 26, 2013 at 6:49

Champion Al... nuggets are just GOLD mate. Well done and I enjoyed the evening as well. Blessings JA

Comment by Chris Zadow on May 22, 2013 at 18:51
Thanks Al. Great summaries of the interviews and I love the nuggets of gold! Zads.
Comment by Allan (AL) Fuller on May 19, 2013 at 9:02
Thanks Darryl - luv ya guts n God bless
Comment by Darryl Redden on May 18, 2013 at 22:13

Thanks for the report Big Al. Your comments give us a good picture of the interviews. I love the nuggets of gold.  Keep em coming mate. Darryl

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