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Coughing from Chiang Mai,

  Chiang Mai is rated the 3rd worst city in the world for air pollution. I was raised in Southern California and thought that air pollution was just part of living. Although on hot days working in construction trades at times really took a toll how productive your day was. I do have a problem with my lungs and use medication daily. When I first came to Thailand as a missionary I had some complications with pneumonia and it took a while for my body to adjust to the climate. I’ve been here since 2005 and surprisingly I’m in good physical condition. Never did I ever think that living here in Northern Thailand that air pollution would be a problem. Please pray for the people of Thailand and especially Chiang Mai for a healthier climate.

  Thailand just had their elections recently and like in the USA problems followed;

  So there is civil unrest here in “The Land of Smiles.”  Corruption is a major issue just like everyplace else in the world. The world is in control and we all know who runs the world. Please pray for the government and newly elected officials for guidance wisdom and knowledge.

  Just finished the book of John in our bible study, it’s the first time I have ever compiled outlines (thanks to A.W. Pink) for the whole book and commentaries (John Gill, J. Vernon McGee) that helped complete the study. Where do we go from here? I asked Dr. Green about Hebrews and he mentioned that would be quite an undertaking. Spurgeon has been the inspiration so far. So I would ask you for prayer on more inspiration and guidance to help me in my studies.

  Thank you for your support and prayers your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in Northern Thailand Jim Welch. 



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