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Greetings from Chiang Mai,

   Being a smaller country, Thailand has been able to control who comes into their country. Closing the airports dealing with international visitors has probably been the number one reason for a positive control. Allowing international flights will not commence until next month from what I gather. Wearing masks is mandatory going out in public and has been accepted as the normal attire.

  The church that I attend (Trinity Baptist Church of Chiang Mai) is growing. We now have an evening service on Sunday. So the church has a bible study for the adults at 10:00 in the morning (before church service at 11:00) and a children’s bible study at the same time. Then at night at 6:00 we have another bible study till 7:00.

  My prayers have been answered. I have been praying to be used more in the church and that has happened. Pastor Green has asked me to be the church Treasurer (not exactly what I was praying for). Never thought that my training that I have received would lead to be a treasurer but it is an honorable position. So now I’m a worship leader and a treasurer for Gods’ church here in Chiang Mai. The saints be praised!! Please pray for the church that many would come to hear the Word.

  Thank you for your support and prayers your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in northern Thailand Jim Welch.



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Comment by John Hernandez on August 30, 2020 at 5:58

Thanks for the link.  How are you, my friend?  Any way I can pray for you more specifically?  It's been a few years...hope you will share, my brother.  God bless.

Love in Jesus,


Comment by Jim Welch on August 29, 2020 at 19:46
Comment by John Hernandez on August 28, 2020 at 0:41

So good to finally track you down, my brother.  It's John Hernandez, Men's Chorus director from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.  Wanted to let you know that our brother Chris Martinez went to be with the Lord...he passed away due to the covid virus.  Masks and closures are the routine here in the states as well.  (Incidentally, did you know I'm now on the east coast...North Carolina!)  Also, our brother Jimmy Keeney is with Christ--passed away several years back...2017, I believe.  

One question: "The saints be praised" sounds Catholic, not Baptist.  Can you clarify?  Thanks, brother Jim--know that I still pray for you and Wan every single day.  God be with you greatly!

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