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Greetings from Chiang Mai,


  Recently Thailand has had a big Covid 19 setback. After months of having zero cases, a group made their way across the border into Thailand from Myanmar and went shopping in the local malls where restrictions have loosened. They brought the virus with them. Now Thailand is experiencing contamination cases again, and the restrictions right along with it.

  Next month Wan and I will begin our annual visa quest. Here you can apply up to sixty-five days prior of visa expiration (mine expires February 5th). Our visa is a marriage visa that has a lot of paperwork involved (everything is duplicate). The cost is just under sixty dollars (1900 Bhat) for a one year visa. Last year our involvement at immigration totaled close to ten hours. Not something to look forward to but it is necessary.

  My ministry (being the church’s Treasurer) is simple most of the time, posting the weekly offering. The busiest time is the 1st of the month, making sure everyone is paid along with any outstanding bills. I have been praying for more involvement and that prayer has been answered. Now I have to serve a little bit more than I declined to do. I was reminded of what I prayed for and to be of service more is the answer to that prayer.

  Thank you for your support and your prayers your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in northern Thailand Jim Welch.



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