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Missionary Update February 2020


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  THE CORONAVIRUS seems to be the center of attention lately and as well it should be. Here in Chiang Mai precautions of limiting your travel and not to frequent heavily populated areas. Wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth is what is needed. Usually every Sunday after church the majority of the congregation goes to a certain hotel that is the best in town and one of the cheapest to eat lunch but this last Sunday (February 2nd) we all opted not to do the usual. We even changed our church service of not greeting each other with a handshake. Please pray for the end of this virus and that this epidemic would stop spreading.

  By the time you receive this newsletter my quest for obtaining a new one year visa will be history. Wednesday the 5th of this month is my due date to start the proceedings of my Marriage Visa. It generally takes a couple of weeks for immigration to complete all their paper work to finalize everything. So prayer is still needed to speed up the process.

  Trinity Baptist Church of Chiang Mai has had a steady attendance for our 11:00 am service lately and I am hoping that our Sunday morning bible study would start up again real soon. Please pray that the church would continue to grow.

  Thank you for your continued support and for your prayers your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in northern Thailand Jim Welch.

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