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Saw Waw Dee Be My (Happy New Year) from Chiang Mai,

  A new year is upon us and goodbye to 2019. A big push here is the removal of plastic bags at the markets is definitely a move in the right direction. Now if they could keep from throwing their trash everywhere would be a big help. So Thailand is on a “clean up the act” (or country) awareness program. I do hope that this might influence their government to do the same this should be on their “to do” list. Prayer seems to be the answer. So I would ask you to pray once again for the people and their government.

  It seems the older I get I experience the “moving on” of friends. A couple of newsletters ago I mentioned Gordon Downs and his “moving on” then Mike Potter more recent along with Bill Horner (former VFW commander). Now another VFW member recently left the hospital to die at home. Working as a chaplain for the local VFW order post #12074 one of my duties is to help aid and comfort families.

  It’s that time of year for me to renew my yearly visa which will be in February a lot of paperwork; family pictures (recent) map to residence. All kinds of information and everything is duplicated comes down to about thirty pages. Yet it is what immigration wants for a “Marriage Visa.” I would ask you to pray that all would go well and Wan & I receive another one year visa.

  Thank you for your support and prayers, your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in northern Thailand Jim Welch.


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