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Missionary Update July 2019


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  Well it’s been 97 days since the elections here in Thailand and still no government.

  I’m still not sure of what is going to happen here in “The Land of Smiles.” No new news of the health insurance needed for foreigners 50 years and older who reside here. There was mentioned that certain rules and regulations were too be implemented by July 1st, nothing so far probably due to the civil unrest. I have written on several occasions about the government here and petition you to pray for these people and their newly elected government officials.

  Wan and I are planning a visit in September. We will arrive at LAX on August 30th and return September 26th. We have been blessed on all occasions for transportation and accommodations to aid us during our visit.

  This will be a first for me, the VFW (of which I am their chaplain) here in Chiang Mai are celebrating the 4th of July on a Sunday (7th) because it wasn’t convenient to be observed on a Thursday which is the 4th. Why? I know one of the reasons was because family issues. Apparently I’m not in agreement but it was voted by the post to have it on the 7th instead of the 4th.

  Bible study on Sunday mornings is back to being a discussion period between Pastor Green and myself, which I value highly. Being a church with very few members and most are visiting but do return.

 A special thank you to all who give me support: Alice, Bruce, Christopher, Tom. Also to those who give aid: Johnny and Jonathon and to those who pray for me and this ministry, your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in northern Thailand Jim Welch.  

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