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Missionary Update June 2019


Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  There’s always something happening here in Thailand. In the last newsletter my attention was on the banking system here. As it turns out the bank that was responsible for controlling the transfer of funds wasn’t exactly clear with their intent. So I sent a transfer of monies as I normally do to test the transaction. Guess what? It went through.

    The latest scare that had all the foreigners (age 50 and over) over here in an uproar;

  As it turns out it was only dealing with a certain type of visa which was later on to be disclosed. The insurance companies were elated and ready to make a “bundle” to say the least. Then immigration steps in and mentioned that only the insurance companies that they approve of will be accepted. Which companies are these? Only the Thai companies (and there are not very many). It is possible for this to be put into effect for all visas’ in the future but for right now everything remains the same. Please pray for these people who run the government.

  Memorial Day in Chiang Mai;

  The bible study at Trinity Baptist Church of Chiang Mai is slowly growing as we enter into Hebrews 7 this coming Sunday. One of our member’s health is in question and needs prayer, Gordon Downs (from Cadence, Kentucky).

  Thank you for your prayers and support your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in Northern Thailand Jim Welch.


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