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Greetings from Chiang Mai,

  Well I have survived another Thai New Year (Songkran is usually a week of celebrations).

  I have survived due to my non-conformist attitude (meaning I hibernate for the duration). Years ago when I thought that a little bit of water couldn’t hurt, but I’m a big target on my Honda 125 and when ice is the form of water being thrown at you by an approaching vehicle, I think you get the picture. So be smart and nobody gets hurt.

  The bank I deal the most with here in Thailand is Bangkok Bank. Lately they have changed their policies involving the transfer of monies. I was sent a letter asking me to contact the bank (which happens to be Chase) and ask them to change their format to conform to Bangkok Bank. Chase mentioned that they do not support that type of format. So by the end of April (if the change to a new format isn’t complied with) transfer between these banks will not be accepted. The only reason that I can come up with is that Bangkok Bank wasn’t making any money in the transaction of transferring monies. Thus forcing the individual involved to use ATM. The average charge for the use of ATM here is a minimum of $6 and then there is an overseas charge of at least $15 and the most that one could withdraw per day is; $481.50 (or 15,000 Baht). Pray for these people who are so heavily influenced by their greed.

  The bible studies are moving through Hebrews. I offer studies for those who can’t attend via e-mail. So they can stay updated of where we are in case they happen to be in the area. Trinity Baptist is a transient church. Attendance varies due to the time of year.

  Thank you for your support and prayers your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in Northern Thailand Jim Welch.


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