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Geetings from Chiang Mai,


  Thailand seems to be very reluctant to allow anyone back into their country and this very understandable. From what I gather the end of the year seems feasible to open their borders. Thailand thrives on tourism and their economy probably will not recover till next year sometime. I would ask you to pray for this nation and its leaders.

  The church is slowly growing our average attendance for the morning service is 35 sometimes 40 and we are running out of room. Our attendance for the evening service is about 15 so I would ask you to pray for many to come to hear the Word taught.

  Trinity Baptist recently had a baptism during the morning service. Pastor Green asked me to help in lifting Michael back to an upright position (he’s a big man). What a blessing to help in the ceremony. Please pray for more to come and dedicate their lives to our Lord.

  I would ask you to pray for my health. Diabetes is one of the many symptom’s that come from being exposed to “Agent Orange” during the Viet Nam conflict. Diabetic neuropathy, I can’t feel my feet and I lose my balance and fall very easily. Then again I’m 71 and soon to be another year older.


  Thank you for your support and for your prayers your missionary/minister/chaplain serving in Northern Thailand Jim Welch

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