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Hey Champions

Well fellas, apologies for being a bit slow on this report, I'm technologically disadvantaged at the moment. However, better late then never, hey?

Our first Shed for the year was a cracker! Due to the fickle & frequently rainy weather around Brisbane, there had ro be a change of venue. Thanks to our local councillor & veteran Shed man, David Dwyer, we were able to use the YMCA shed at Old Petrie Town. It was probably meant to be as 150 odd blokes arrived for the night; a terrific turn-out. Everyone was impressed & the mood was that we tee up this venue for future Sheds.Watto challenged us to get the word out to our mates & to fill this shed. As we've been accustomed, the burgers were fantastic & a credit to the fellas on the tools. On yuz, fellas & thanks.

There were three interviews/stories on the night each containing "nuggets of gold" for us to take home.

First up, Paul interviewed Sunni, who is a native New Zealander (of Maori descent, although I wouldn't have picked it till he started talking :-p). Sunni was born into an impoverished & violent home environment. He doesn't remember his Dad, & was only told about his "dark side". His Mum met a Dutchman who later adopted him & his quality of life improved. He was sent to a good school which, in the 60's & 70's, meant the school population was mainly white. He was a tall lad, so he seemed to avoid much of the racial taunting & bullying. In fact, he became the guy who would give the bully a touch-up if he knew about an instance. This behaviour came to a head in high school where he found he just didn't want to give a bully a touch-up, he wanted to really hurt him. A turning point was when his girlfriend, who was a Christian, saw him in the act of trying to impale a bully's head onto a wall hook. She was the first person to take him aside & explain there's a gap between stimulus and response. In other words, whatever the stimulus that, say, "sets you off", between that stimulus & your response (action), there is a CHOICE. We can choose how we react, whether it be words, actions, or both. (May I suggest that was definitely a "nugget of gold" for us. Hope you agree.)

Second up was Lahrs interviewing Lucas whose dry wit & sense of humour gave us all plenty of chuckles & roars of laughter. Lucas's parents were Irish & he was 1 of 12 children, 6 of each & 24 years between the youngest & oldest. It came as no surprise really to discover his parents were Catholics :-p His family was a one income family &, therefore, time with Dad was limited, which was even more so for Lucas, as he was born premmy with some significant health issues & had a sickly childhood. His Dad's typical Irish temper didn't help the situation, although he was a devout Catholic & went to church twice a week. Later in life his Mum shared that his Dad often suffered depression. It was through church youth group that Lucas met a leader who "planted the seed" of paying it forward.

The final interview was with Chad & Shorty (aka Brendan) who is 21 yrs old, a gymnast (& pocket rocket) who still competes at state & national level, & has even competed in the international arena. Born in Kyama, Vic, he went to church in his youth with mum & his brothers, till the lure of the surf kicked in during his early teens & he drifted away from the church scene. This changed when he accepted an invite to a church youth camp & found that Christians can be CARING & COOL. Recently he has taken the brave step of organizing Shed for Easterfest.

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Comment by Luke William Doecke on March 10, 2013 at 10:49

Great update Big Al. Awesome stories, awesome shed and awesome connection. Giving little gems is a great way to sharpen us all! Thanks bud. Luke

Comment by Darryl Redden on March 9, 2013 at 15:28

Thanks Big Al for the report and details of the stories. I had only seen the photo of the new shed but it goes much better with a report. I took away some nuggets of gold as well Al. I like the gap between stimulus and response. Sometimes in my early days that gap was pretty short even if it existed at all. Darryl

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