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G'day Champions

TA DA! Finally, the 3rd & final interview report.

We were blessed, especially the young AFL players in attendance, to have Daniel Rich interviewed by Watto. Daniel is a rising star for the Brisbane Lions. He's currently the vice-captain & the ambassador for the Aspley Hornets AFL club. Watto asked Daniel how it felt to be an ambassador for a club & have his face used in conspicuous advertising such as on a number of buses in the northern suburbs. Daniel reckoned it was an honour & privilege to be the "face of the club".

Daniel was drafted in his late teens by the Lions from Western Australia, where he played in his first premiership game at the tender age of 17. Daniel attributes his move to Queensland for fast tracking his maturity, which is evident from his vice-captaincy appointment at the age of 23. He also emphasised the importance of playing alongside team mates of the calibre of legendary Lions player, Simon Black. Daniel said he had huge respect for Simon, who "walks the talk" of a true champion on & off the field, which is such an asset to the club & the younger players coming through the ranks; a true role model for the game.

Daniel said he has a great relationship with his Dad & regards him as a best mate. He grew up knowing God but, in his words, "wasn't fully into it", he was much keener on surfing. He still loves to surf & play golf. Daniel met his current girlfriend, a Christian, when he moved to Qld & this reignited his faith. Watto asked Daniel what advice he had for the young fellas about meeting girls/women - respect & protect is his motto. He also reinforced that it's the same with female siblings, which he has upheld with his older sister.

Daniel was also gracious enough to answer some questions from the young players in attendance, & some not so young; PJ (Peter Janetzki from Talking Life on 96.5 Family Radio) & a few others also seized the opportunity. Daniel also posed for photos.

In conclusion, it was a real treat to hear Daniel's humble story, for me & many others I'm sure, & he's sure to have really impacted the young players with the principles he shared. The Lions are definitely in good stead for the future with young men like Daniel on their roster. He certainly sounds as though he has the foundations of a future champion of the game on & off the field.

Done & dusted fellas! Till next month, God bless n luv ya guts.

Big AL

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Comment by Luke William Doecke on July 20, 2013 at 8:19
Hey Big Al great job on the reports mate. Well done! I love Daniel's motto on meeting and treating girls/women. Respect and protect! A gem right there! God bless ya. Luke
Comment by Darryl Redden on July 18, 2013 at 22:39

Great report Big AL. Daniel sounds like a true champion and a wonderful role model for others. It probably starts with Simon Black and then filters down. This should be the same principal for us as leaders in our sheds and communities. Darryl

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