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G'day Champions

This is my 2nd crack at this. The last time I got halfway thru only for the computer to shut down unexpectedly & lose the lot; I was not a happy camper.

Second interview was J.A. (John Anderson) interviewing the other J.A. (John Ahern)

John had a great father who took him fishing, hunting, camping & other dad/son pursuits. However, John observed that his dad worked very hard & had no friends.

John was very involved with church in his youth, even serving as an altar boy. Despite this, from 11 to 17, John began experimenting with things not talked about in church & found himself going from one extreme to the next. This pattern continued into adult life. John would work hard, be successful & then "tear it all down". On two occasions he was but a hair's breadth away from being on the streets.

The fact didn't dawn on him until his PT trainer made the comment that he seemed to work so hard to attain a higher level & then tear it all down. He began to realise that he needed to work with what he had, maintain it & build on that, establish a new platform & build again.

John's story reminded me of building a high rise. The higher you want to go, the greater the foundation you will need & you can't work on the top floor/level until the lower levels are established, or it will all come crashing down.

I was also reminded of the 80/20 principle I'd heard on a T.D. Jakes CD. What's 80/20? Basically, no "thing" or any person on this earth is perfect (100%). On average, the best you can probably hope for is 80% good, 20% not that crash hot. Although the difference between having 80% to wanting 20% is an obvious "no brainer", the problem occurs when our focus shifts from the 80 " you have" to the 20 "I'm missing". Soon that 20 is big & consuming all of your attention, AND ....................... YOU WANT IT!!

Soon your self-talk has you rationalising that you not only want it -


T.D. Jakes was using the principle to explain the breakdown of relationships/marriages (which it did perfectly in the breakdown of my marriage) but I reckon it applies in a lot of other situations too; like jobs.

Well fellas, I'm sure there's a "nugget of gold" somewhere in that story for you, but this time I'll leave it to you to do the "prospecting" ;-)

Part 3 not far away.

Until then, God bless & luv ya guts

Big AL

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Comment by Allan (AL) Fuller on July 18, 2013 at 11:19
Ah thanks so much for those kind words & encouragement my dear friend & champion. AL
Comment by Ian Watto Watson on July 18, 2013 at 3:48

Thanks again Al,you really have a wonderful gift to write .

Come on let that GIFT be shared.

You are a ya gutz Watto

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