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Ey, back again ;-)

Have to do this in parts, cos last time I did a post at the Internet Cafe (& after an hour of painfully slow typing) it didn't upload. I tell ya, I was not a happy camper that day.

Our 2nd interview was with Tiny & Kedron, who is a musician (country singer/guitarist) & treated us to a song as his intro, then another at the end of his interview. It was indeed a treat for those there.

Mackay born, his Dad regularly took him out bush which inspired his love of the bush, Australia, & country music. By the age of 18 he was being touted as the next Slim Dusty, as it was the day when Slim was the icon of country music.

He married at 20 & his wife was 17. Music and work saw them go to NSW where Kedron met Slim Dusty & was invited him to go on tour with him. BUT, there was one catch - no women allowed. His young bride had to bus it back home to Mackay. The tour was not all "beer & skittles" - it was 68 nights straight, he wasn't making anywhere near the money he had hoped for, & he was missing his wife. Not sure if Kedron completed the tour, but his request for better pay fell on deaf ears, so he bailed & went back to Mackay to his bricky trade. He felt flat & defeated. It was then when a visiting American evangelist reignited his spirit.

After 5 years of working, his passion for music was still taunting him. He spent another 10 yrs in the music industry & released an album, however, his family were suffering; there wasn't much money left over. When he turned 40, his wife put the hard word on him about his music dreams. It was then he realised his family was suffering from the pursuit of his dream of stardom & its selfishness.

AL's "Nugget of Gold" - When you climb onto the dream ride, it's a lonely place if there's only one seat.

God bless


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