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Back again :-)

Our 3rd interview was with JA & Peter.

Born in Bundaberg, Peter's dad died when he was 4. His older brother was 16 at the time & struggled with his death & the reponsibility he now felt as the oldest male in the household. Many times Peter felt he was his older brother's punching bag. His brother followed in his father's footsteps becoming a fettler on the railway - he worked hard & drank hard to mask his pain. He attempted suicide 5 times & is now deceased. (Apologies, but I can't recall if suicide was the cause or he died from the same health issue as his dad.)

Peter's dad died at work. He was carrying 2 railway sleepers (imagine that for a moment) when his aortic artery ruptured causing a heart attack. 

Peter's dad fought in 2 campaigns in World War II. It was an experience he never talked about, which is so common for many returned soldiers. It wasn't till after his dad's funeral, when his war medals were delivered to the house, that Peter began to know something about his father. Later, when Peter began his apprenticeship, he learnt more as one of his work colleagues' father had fought along side his dad. Legacy were a Godsend during his childhood years.

Peter married & became a pastor in a small country town, but had to work full time as well as in his ministry. It was too much. His marriage suffered & ended. He has remarried in the past 12 months & has been bringing his 2 stepsons to Shed.

Pete's "Nugget of Gold" - When you are communicating with boys - be OPEN & be REAL.

AL's "Nugget" - Feelings buried alive never die, no matter how deep you may think they're buried, they can surface again. Commit them to the Lord & lay them at the foot of the Cross cos only He can make broken hearts brand new ;-)

Done & dusted now fellas until next month (if not sooner) :-)

Be encouraged & be an encourager

Big AL

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Comment by Darryl Redden on June 14, 2013 at 22:13

Big Al you have exceeded even your high standard of reporting. I love how you gave good coverage of each interview plus added your nuggets of gold. Keep on pushing champion and I look forward to next month as well. Darryl

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