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Hey there fellow champions,

I have an almost 25 yr old son (Elliott) who has just found out he's missed out (at the 11th hour) on his dream job.  

He took a leap of faith in leaving his job as a tradesman qualified roofer (colonial/tin & restoration field), as it was beginning to wreak havoc on his back & ankles, & there was no room for further advancement in the business; it was a 2 man show, him & the boss. He is now understandably devastated.

He has a heart of gold & a great work ethic. He accepted, at his own loss, that such a small business couldn't afford penalty rates when he did overtime or Saturday work. 

He has a Senior Certificate (Yr12), a clean open driver's licence, he's a quick learner, loves a challenge, good with his hands, a great communicator & problem solver. A real team player whether at work or his favourite sport - basketball.

He's willing to travel as he has no romantic ties.

He realises that at his old job, bringing home $700/wk thereabouts for the coming years, is no way for him to provide for a future family. He's wanting a position with real earning potential & advancement.

Elliott was home schooled & has acquired sound values & family is a high priority in his life.

Gentleman, I am so proud of this young man (or I wouldn't be doing this & putting my name to it), I wholeheartedly believe he would be an asset to any organisation who deemed him worthy.

If you, or you know of someone, that needs a young, enthusiastic man with his personal qualities, abilities & attitude (which I think is becoming rare these days) PLEASE shoot me an e-mail at or call me on 0438 22 53 22.

God bless yuz & luv ya guts

Big AL

PS: Oh yeah, he's not a Christian (YET) but we can work on that ;-)



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Comment by Allan (AL) Fuller on September 25, 2012 at 14:52
Thanks Luke, he's worked on my dad's farm n can drive tractors n trucks so ill let him know ;-) on the subject of harvest, me & my brother are driving semi's B-double & roadtrain. As far as I know he hasn't got harvest work lined up yet, so pls keep us in mind 4 that too :-)
God bless
Comment by Luke William Doecke on September 25, 2012 at 13:56
Hey big al. Great idea of putting this up on here. Is he willing to travel to SA? I know we got harvest coming up in about 5 or 6 wks working on a farm. There would be a few fellas looking for workers I'd think. I'll keep my ear to the ground though. The Big Fella will find something. Gb Luke

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