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Shed Sheila Breakfast


Most of what we do in life has a lot to do with relationships, and if you are like me there are a few things in life that have put rocks in my way to great relationships. I had the opportunity some time ago to attend a LOVERS night hosted by a local Church and found some gems that have smashed some of the rocks in my relationships, this got me thinking. Relationships, like bridges are built from both sides, and most blokes want better relationships and don’t have all the tools as I imagine so do the Ladies. So weather single or married, with or looking for the right person where do you get the straight talk on how to do it better from the stories and experience of those honest enough to share a bit. Shed is a safe place to go, not be judged, fess up and call it how it is while honouring each other, no blame or fault finding just life.

I never want to forget what Shed is, safe – non-judgemental – honouring others and the Bloke that gives life.

A ripper bloke I know said this the other night at a do for helping our schools. “It takes courage to share your story and stand out, makes them venerable. It is our privilege to Honour them and hear the story from the heart.”

 So that is what we hope to be at this breakfast.

Hope to see some of you at the BIG SHED and may be fill you in on how it goes.


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