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Trouble... and breakdowns of the mechanical variety

'Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you shall honour and glorify Me," says the Lord. so writes the psalmist in Psalms chapter 50, verse 15.

It's harvest time on our broadacre dryland cropping property. We try to make sure that our machinery is serviced and ready for the job at hand, but as they say, it doesn't break down in the shed.

One Thursday afternoon I had just delivered a load of field peas to the silos and as I was pulling into our driveway off of a major highway in our truck I was changing down gears when I placed my foot on the clutch and it went straight to the floor. I managed to limp it up our driveway and pull up in front of our workshop. It was around 2:30pm and the first question I asked myself was, "Do I ignore this or deal with it straight away?" The answer was to deal with it straight away and as I was still sitting in the drivers seat and working through trouble shooting the issue, God reminded me of a mechanic I sometimes used who was very knowledgeable on Volvo trucks. I rang him and in short time we had worked out that the slave cylinder on the gearbox had failed. By this time it was after 3pm and I decided to ring the spare parts section of the dealer. No they didn't have one but there were 8 in Sydney. I asked when they could get one in. Monday morning was the reply because it was after 3pm. Did I want it sooner? I explained that it was harvest and there was grain to move. For an extra $100 I could have it air freighted in for the next morning. I told them I'd think about it and rang an aftermarket supplier. Yes, they had one in stock at two thirds the genuine price and they closed at 5pm. I did the math because it was now 3:30. I figured that I had enough time to get to the supplier but it would be a close run thing, especially with the road works North of Adelaide. Short story is that I made it there with 10 minutes to spare. I drove straight home and made a call to my local mechanic who told me he had a special tool for bleeding the hydraulic line and that I could borrow it that evening. I got home and with me under the truck and my son handing me the tools, we had the new part installed without too many issues. I didn't have the brake fluid on hand but a local supplier could supply some at 7am the next morning. By 8am I was back on the road.

As Christians, sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that everything should go well in our lives and we can get upset with any setbacks that crop up. and yet it is exactly in those setbacks that God shows up, if we choose to let Him.

God had let me get home in the truck. The clutch could have failed in any number of less convenient places but it happened less than a kilometre from home. God let me know that I needed to deal with the problem straight away and in that timeliness the issue was fixed quickly. God reminded me of the mechanic that I had used. There was a relationship that had been built up over a number of years that I could call upon. God had the part waiting for me in Adelaide close enough that I could pick it up that afternoon and God had that supplier waiting for me the following morning. I called to God and He rescued me by prompting me as we worked through the issue together. I am honouring Him and glorifying Him for what He has done.

And just as He has done it for me, He can do it for you, if you will let Him.

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