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Visionathon: 30th May - 2nd June / Support Vision Radio

Taken from Vision website: Visionathon

For some time, Australia (and the West in general) has been drifting from its Christian moorings.

Until recently Australia could have been described as a Christian country — our laws affirmed a Biblical worldview and actively promoted Christian morals in areas such as personal freedoms, gambling, alcohol, modesty laws, marriage and much more.

But increasingly more and more people are seeing Christian morality as standing in the way of a new moral code: the morality of self-fulfilment.

Mainstream media is constantly bombarding us with messages that reinforce self-fulfilment. However, it ultimately leads to dissatisfaction and dead ends.

Right now, many Aussies are depressed or lacking hope. Even Christians at times feel they're alone in their faith. This sense of isolation is further compounded by the ever-growing aggression toward believers and Christian morality.

Many believers feel that the winds of change are too strong. Additionally they feel ill-equipped to engage with others on the hot issues of our day (for example, the LGBTI agenda).

Yet in the midst of this sense of hopelessness and darkness, the light of the truth of God and His Gospel message shines all the brighter.

Together, Vision and our many supporters are seeing God working mightily to spread Truth and Hope to Aussies — right when they need it the most.

Because of the faithful prayers and generous support of so many, Vision continues to spread words of life through radio, our daily devotionals, prayer-line and trusted Christian resources. And we're reaching people in forgotten outback communities as well as inner city suburbs — bringing hundreds of thousands of believers together all across the nation.

It's through the support of people like you that Vision can continue to boldly stand for righteousness in our nation, encouraging and equipping other believers to share their faith in truth and love, with clarity, confidence and compassion.

Champions, if you haven't tuned into Vision radio before, you should, it has better music for ya than the other radio stations & even has daily doses of stuff that's good for the soul! Also ever now & again you'll catch Watto having a yarn!

If you don't know how to find a station near you, follow this link: 

Vision Station Finder

If that doesn't work, then this link will allow you to listen off your computer or device: 

Vision - online Live Stream

There's even an app in the app store for them.

Get it to it champions, & may God bless yas real good too!

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Comment by Peter Harris on June 17, 2017 at 11:21

New update, a few weeks have gone by but just to let you know that Vision has exceeded their expectations & raised over the 900k mark needed!!

Great stuff!! Hallelujah!!

Comment by Peter Harris on June 6, 2017 at 8:58

Visionathon Update ; just an update on this one as last week Visionathon reached nearly 90% of their target total, which is awesome :D

You can still donate if you want to, just follow the link above ;-)

Thanks champions, may God bless yas real good!

Comment by Peter Harris on May 25, 2017 at 11:37

Found this blog of Watto's last interview on Vision about the new book;

Champion Blokes Learn to Love

Bless ya Watto!

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