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A couple hours ago I just got home from a safety information night for my work as a steel frame erector. I was listening to this safety officer from the builder I sub contract to along with about 70 other subbies. He was telling us what our responsibilities are, in complying with new laws being enforced from 1st Jan 2012. The laws are to do with Occ Health and Safety. They are now wanting us to fill out a form every time we get to site and write down any hazards or dangers and sign it, so if an inspector comes on site to check us it''ll show we have done what they have asked and shows we comply with the new laws. I knew this had been coming for a while and it's something I really struggle to get my head around. I know the builder is doing the right thing in helping us to comply before Jan. but I just wonder how far this is going to go.

I've been building for about 7 yrs and haven't had a major incident yet in my work. I'm not saying that something may not occur into the future, but will filling out more paper and putting in more 'made up big words' into some document really make things safer. If you can't tell.... I was shaking my head and so frustrated!!! Where has the common sense gone??? I'm a professional in my trade as like many other people are in their line of work. Do I really need someone sitting in an office writing down safety regs. for my work and telling me how to safely do my job?? I feel most of the subbies there tonight are doing the right thing but long term we are going to pay for it. Where has taking responsiblity for your own actions gone?? People are passing the buck and saying 'it wasn't my fault I got hurt, it was the builder or the candlestick maker!' Most subbies there thought the stuff spoken was a load of... 'you know what', but they said we need to do it to keep our jobs and not get caught out. I'm not sure if this job is that important anymore!!

Sorry fellas I'm a bit annoyed and I need to do some 'shed'. I wonder sometimes where God is in all of this? Is this God telling me to get out of this work? Look at new beginnings somewhere else? Has God got other things in store for me? Is it just a test or is the enemy having a field day with me at the moment? I have a lot of questions but not many answers. Would love your thoughts blokes!! Don't worry, there will be no rash decisions, but I'm just wrestling with this stuff constantly at the moment.

Catch ya, Luke

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Comment by John 'JA' Ahern on October 9, 2011 at 6:27

Hey Champs - man! Great thread of information and Al, you have not only helped Luke, you have given me another insight into complying - love your words from the heart mate.

And Luke, like Al, I admire your guts and openness champ. 

Cheers, JA

Comment by Luke William Doecke on October 8, 2011 at 20:15
Thanks for the lengthy and in depth comment Big Al. Your words are that of a very wise man and I knew that by blogging about this I'd find help from fellow champions like yourself. I've made a decision in recent days to comply with all this, I guess I just need some help from the builders supervisor to walk through a job and write down what he'd class as hazard because we'd prob have different interpretations, but I want to be in line with the builder. I spoke to him about this and he didn't give me much time or much help. This annoyed me a bit! I guess I just need to write down what I think is right and leave the rest in the Lord's hands. The next 8 - 10 wks will be another challenging time with helping out a mate for the harvest period driving his truck. My 2 employees will be running the building jobs while I spend most of the time in the truck. I'm doing this to spread the work around at the moment because the building game is quiet. Again this will be a time for the 2 lads (which I trust and have told them that) to take on more responsibility while I'm away. I'm confident they can do the job. The longer hours through harvest will be another challenge and driving a truck which I'm new to. All this again is in the Lord's hands. I can't worry about tomorrow or weeks ahead because I have no idea what will occur. All I know God will sort everything out in His time and way. I need to trust that. Will catch ya at Big shed in a few weeks Al and have a chat face to face. Thanks again. Your words are always helpful and are a huge encouragement to me and anyone else who reads them. GBU mate. Luke
Comment by Allan (AL) Fuller on October 8, 2011 at 18:19

Phwar, bro, your post has been weighing on my mind for a couple of days now, so I hope my words are of some comfort/guidance/useful.

When I was a teacher, I detested the paperwork involved in curriculum (all the jargon surrounding planning) as I could clearly witness that it didn't matter how good the curriculum was, the end result in the quality of teaching came down to the teacher. The paper the curriculum was written on was worthless without a "good" teacher to deliver it. Like you, I knew what i was doing & the quality of my work. However, I now know you have to have a manual for virtually everything - the Bible is a perfect example. The minute that we step away from the guidance of the Bible, we invite the enemy & destruction into our lives.

Your frustration IS an attack of the enemy, because you are feeling that all this form filling is bringing your workmanship into question. IT'S NOT!! Tell yourself that!! What it is meant to do is filter out those who ARE shonky, delegate accountability & resposibility. However frustrating the experience/procedure may be, it's main purpose is to SAVE LIVES!!

So my advice is, look to the Bible & I believe you may find the answer in Romans 13:7
Give to everyone what you owe them: Pay your taxes and government fees to those who collect them, and give respect and honor to those who are in authority.
We are in a time where there is little faith in people's integrity. As annoying/frustrating/belittling as it feels, we must acknowledge & acquiesce our personal feelings & comply with/honour those in authority.

As a side note, I was working with a chap recently that had been working on a bus fly-over in Brizzy. He told me about an incident involving a concrete cross beam that sat on 3 or so pillars. The cross beam arrived on-site late Fri afternoon & was fitted to the pillars minus a piece of crucial gear to its stabilisation AND was signed off as COMPLETE. The following week ........ it fell, killing a worker. BUT, worst of all in my book, the worker didn't die instantly. It took TWENTY agonising minutes for him to die. I pray that neither you, me or any of our fellow champions will ever have to witness that.

Phew, bro, that's hard to share with you.

Mate, YES, your job IS IMPORTANT because God is into construction, NOT destruction. You are in the same line of work!

So, may I suggest, be still & say this prayer - Lord, please shut out all other voices, dreams and visions apart from Your own. Please shut out the voice of the enemy. Please shut out my own thoughts, that I may only hear You. AMEN. I believe that the voice that remains will be that of the Lord ;-)

God bless you precious brother & fellow Champion. Can't wait to meet you face to face,

Luv ya guts, Big AL

Comment by Luke William Doecke on October 1, 2011 at 10:49
Thanks JA. Your insights into the same type if industry is valuable. Thanks for the red light analogy. Something for me to continue to ponder and find the correct answer in Gods eyes to these questions. Love your thoughts. GBU, Luke
Comment by John 'JA' Ahern on October 1, 2011 at 9:49

Hi Luke, working in the mining industry this has become the 'norm' with filling in SLAMs, Take 5, SAFEs, JSA, JSEA, WRACs and so on. Coming back into the industry after being away for 15 years I can see the benefits in completing these Risk Assesment tools, as Frank so rightly describes, to show due diligence.

More powerful than that, for me, is it gives me a moment to think about the task at hand and I use this precious gift of time to join my hands and pray for guidance, safety and wisdom as I step out into the task at hand.

So I use the opportunity, as a switch state, to switch my mind to God and pray for the blessing of His protection. In my industry, and yours mate, there are plenty of opportunities to fall victim to hazards.

It' s like I used to complain about so many red lights between my home and the office until I heard God's still voice saying, "John, this is not to frustrate you, the red lights are an opportunity for you to stop and ask yourself are you going in the right direction. A small pause for you to think and pray."

So use this opportunity for your good mate. It may be the enemy attack, however, what the enemy has planned to harm you, God uses to improve you. Maybe it is the Red light time for you and only you can answer the quality question you have listed above.

In all cases, take the opportunity to fill in the paperwork and pray for God's wisdom, direction and protection. This keeps me 'sane' in what might sometimes be an 'insane' world.

Hope this is helpful, blessing JA

Comment by Luke William Doecke on September 30, 2011 at 17:52
Yeah thanks Frank for your comments. Its always good to get a different perspective on things from you champions. Looking at it as if its extra insurance I understand. To get a bit more out of the builders to compensate this is another issue again. Especially in these tight times. Thanks for your input and we'll see you soon. GBU, Luke
Comment by Frank Cowell on September 30, 2011 at 16:48

G'day Luke,

I have been involved in the WHS System for the last few years and knew this was coming. The Federal Government have basically brought all states into line so that legislation is the same acrosss the country. The backbone of the legislation is "due diligence". This means that if there is an incident on site that everyone who has a duty of care from the tradie to the Directors of the building company hold a share of responsibilty. By getting all his subbies to fill out and submit a risk assessment on every site, he is ensuring he can show he has applied "due diligence". If something happens and the risk assessment is submitted, everyone in the chain can demonstrate due diligence. I know this is little comfort Luke, but we have many laws in all walks of life that are put there for the blokes who have yet to learn the art of thinking for themselves. Given the proposed penalty increases (in Qld at least), consider the new measures insurance, just like workers comp or public liability. Unfortunately, legislation is often introduced to force the "cowboys"into instituting some controls, which affects the blokes doing the right thing. BTW, travelling through Blackwater yesterday and two blokes were laying roofing sheets on a new steel frame warehouse 6m off the ground with no edge or fall protection; these are the blokes they are trying to reach.  Hope this has gone some way to explain the reasoning. God bless you mate for the work you are doing in the Shed and in your trade; I know you would be a shining light for young blokes. If you need a hand on the WHS stuff give me a yell. See you at the Big Shed.

Comment by mark honeman on September 29, 2011 at 21:41
Hey Luke if she continues to rain learning how to swim might not be such a bad
Comment by Luke William Doecke on September 29, 2011 at 20:21
Yeah thanks mark. Yeah they said you can copy a lot of the swms and use them for new jobs. You're right I believe we can start to swing the pendulum back to the common sense way through raising a new generation of real men. Thanks for your thoughts. The rain is great but need to try and work tomorrow on a roof. I guess working in the rain is a hazard so maybe not! GBU, Luke
Comment by mark honeman on September 29, 2011 at 7:45
DON'T let it worry ya Luke went through the same stuff when I was getting my builders license. There called swims and once ya get over the initial fear there easy.most of the time you can use the same one for different jobs.the reason were having to do this is because were a part of the fatherless generation. That's why SHED is very important.its about regainingwhat we have lost.and that's becoming men again.cheers mate and enjoy the rain

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