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One for the Champion father's out there!

As I'm not too skilled in wordiness but have a hunger to seek out God's goodness wherever He's planted it, I came across the following part of a sermon by Ps. Jentezen Franklin, & thought to transcribe & paraphrase a bit of it here;

Where are my footprints leading?

There’s a story told of a famous attorney from Chicago who had an alcohol problem. He was very successful & every day he would walk on the way to his law practice & pass a bar, & every day he would slip in for a drink, then go onto his office & he did this every day. One day as he was walking, the snow was lightly falling, he heard a noise & turned around & he saw his little 6yr old boy. Somehow his son had slipped away from his mother & slipped out of the house, & when the father looked at him he saw that he was putting his little foot in the big footprint that his dad had left in the freshly fallen snow, & with each step he was looking to put his steps into the big steps that his dad was taking. Suddenly as the father, standing outside of the bar, saw that his little boy was stepping into every one of his footsteps, he was overwhelmed with conviction & he ran, scooped his boy up, took him home & put him the arms of his mother. The father then went downstairs, fell to his knees, began to weep & cry, praying, “Oh God, help me to never, ever again to allow my footsteps to lead my children to a bar, but let my footsteps lead my children to You!.”


We need to enjoy & love our family because the enemy wants to do everything he can to divide, conquer, destroy & make your family, your marriage, & your relationships miserable, & we are not ignorant of his devices. Family is a costly commitment! It costs you something to hold your family together, to hold your marriage together & to hold your children together! Don’t leave it up to your Pastor to save your family. Don’t leave it up to the Youth program or the church, or somebody else to save your children. Don’t leave it up to anyone else to do your praying dad’s, get your family in your prayers like Joshua & say, “…as for me & my house, we will serve the Lord!”

Our Families are worth fighting for! It’s not easy to hold your family together. It’s not easy to raise children in the times in which we live. Everything seems to be against the family unit & against the home. But when we decide that our families are a cause worth fighting for, God says then I will fight for you! Don’t give up on your family, your marriage, your children, fight for them because satan is on a rampage & he wants to destroy the church & he can’t destroy the church without destroying the home & the family first. Fight for your family! Stay in their business, correct them when needed, stand for what’s right, fight for what’s right! Stand on the Truth! They may get a bit wild, go crazy, get mad & go off, but if you have raised them right, if you have done your best to bring them to the house of God & to be the example & serve the Lord before them, to have God’s presence in your home, & in your life. There is something that gets stuck to your family that they will never be able to get away from when you bring them up before the Lord. There will be critical times where distractions are working against you, but they will be times that your children will need to be in the house of God, & we need to realise that we are fighting for our families every time we get up & bring them to church, or every time we open the bible & pray.

Here is the question? Where are your footprints leading? All that’s going to matter when you reach your death bed is, “Where did my footprints lead them?”

If you’re leading them to Jesus, to serve Him above all, prioritising Him above all, then you’re leaving the greatest legacy that any parent can ever leave their children…

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Prov 22:6

May God bless you & your families real good!

Love, Pete Harris

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Comment by IAN (WATTO) WATSON on July 29, 2018 at 6:57

Pete, Thanks for that great word.Big call for a man today.

That is good for me today.Don't tell em show em. Let your performance do the talking.

Love Watto

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